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Why Me? Why Now?

“If not me?  Who?  If not Now?  When?

The words belong to Jan Yolen who wrote this in a young adult fiction, Devil’s Arithmetic.  When I read it, I just had to say HUM!!  I live my life by this quote.  If there is a problem, concern or need for discussion, problem or a solution, being a mere spectator is not enough. I don’t need to be part of a problem, I must be part of the solution. I need to roll my sleeves up, give my best and try to resolve the concern. My need to be part of the solution forces me to be choosy.  I can’t have grips to each and every issue.  I must let small annoyances breeze by me and tackle the big ones.  Big issues for me are my children’s education, school safety, making my home an oasis where our family can relax and recharge.  My children will get best education when all of their peers are getting one too.  Hence, my choice of becoming a teacher.   I want my children to be eat healthy and be productive, we started a vegetable garden.  My next project is working with a group of like minded people, we will create community gardens to benefit local community and work toward solving hunger issues while teaching healthy choices.

Now you tell me.  Which problem you are going to tackle?


“If not me? Who…

“If not me? Who? Who? If not now? When?”

– Jan Yolen, Devil’s Arithmetic

Jan Yolen has given us a powerful message.  My motto is “If not me, Who?  If not now?  When?


“Let us not pra…

“Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but be fearless when facing them.” Rabindranath Tagore

Tagore is my favorite poet.  He has serenity about him and his messge is true till today.  Gitanjali